Benefits of Renewable Energy

We harness Africa’s readily available solar and wind resources in order to provide the efficient, sustainable energy required for growth

R & D

With the constant development of newer and better technologies in the renewables space we are able to test the boundaries of where we can incorporate renewables into our every day lives. Whilst people within South and Southern Africa may not be ready to rely 100% on renewables, we are moving towards a more balanced future where solar, wind and hydro play a more central role.

Research and development into renewable energy is an ever evolving happening and we will ensure that we constantly explore new avenues.


Solar radiation and wind is a completely non-depletable energy source.


Continuously improving technology enables effective conversion to electrical energy.


Energy from solar and wind has minimal impact on the natural environment.


Longevity, low maintenance and no raw resource cost means good returns in a relatively short time.


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