What we do. How we do it.

Vintage Energy, a local black owned renewable energy company based in Gauteng, South Africa is committed to developing and
providing Africa with clean and renewable energy


Vintage Energy, a local renewable energy company based in Gauteng, is committed to developing and providing Africa with clean and renewable energy in order to ease energy shortages as well as humankind’s impact on the environment in Africa.


Our strategic focus is the development of renewable energy plants which include Solar Power plants, both Photovoltaic and Concentrated; Wind power plants; Co-generation plants and Rural Energy Solutions.


Our commitment for continued pursuit and deployment of wind and solar will remain a cornerstone of driving towards a clean energy future, the impact of our projects can be maximized by considering other relevant technologies in a portfolio approach to allow for a holistic energy solution.Through our current Power Matla Solar consortium, Vintage Energy brings on board extensive expertise.

Vintage Energy’s values are embodied in all their business relationships. 


We carry out all our business in a
professional and respectable way.


We reflect the spirit of an African approach to human ethics that embrace honesty, trust, respect, care and empathy to those we associate with.


We engage with our partners with openness and transparency.


We deeply believe in empowerment in communities where we conduct business.

Vision and mission



Our vision is to harness the wind and solar resources within South and Southern Africa to operate renewable energy plants in order to provide efficient, sustainable and clean energy for all people within the Southern African part of the continent.


Our mission is to develop and provide South and Southern Africa with clean and renewable energy in order to ease energy shortages

Our Partners

Our partner Power Matla, a local South African black owned investment company with interests in the renewable energy, ICT, FMCG, mining, petrochemicals, power utilities and logistics markets. Since its inception in 1999 when the company acquired an interest in Desta Transformers, to 2007 acquiring a 25,1% share of Powertech Transformers.  The company has broadened its investment portfolio to forming a consortium together with Epiworx Investments and Empower a Thousand Holdings to pursue investment opportunities. These opportunities included acquiring a 25,1% share in Altech UEC in 2011; through PM Renewables, a strategic partnership formed with Dorper Wind Farm project in 2012; buying a stake in Orion Gold (Australia) and establishing a joint venture company called Power Matla Innolumis (Pty) Ltd, with the Netherlands based Innolumis Public Lighting BV in 2017.

Since then the company has participated in numerous empowerment transactions including Dorper Wind Farm and Agama Exploration & Mining as well as diversified sector investments in mining, engineering, business development, marketing, finance, engineering and manufacturing.

Power Matla’s board of directors and management team is made of highly experienced professionals from different backgrounds, namely politics, supply chain management, operations, engineering, marketing, finance and business in general.


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