We develop green fields

with the aim of operating them

Vintage Energy harnesses Africa’s solar and wind resources

to provide efficient sustainable energy required for growth


Vintage Energy is a local black owned renewable energy company based in Gauteng which is committed to developing and providing Africa with clean and renewable energy in order to ease energy shortages as well as humankind’s impact on the environment.


Our strategic focus is the development of renewable energy plants which include solar power plants, both photovoltaic and concentrated; wind power plants; co-generation plants and rural energy solutions.

Our commitment for continued pursuit and deployment of wind and solar will remain a cornerstone of driving towards a clean energy future, the impact of our projects can be maximized by considering other relevant technologies in a portfolio approach to allow for a holistic energy solution


Renewable energy is energy that is collected from renewable resources, which are naturally replenished on a human timescale, such as sunlight; wind; rain; tides; waves; and geothermal heat.

Solar Power Plants

Vintage Energy develops and operates photovoltaic and concentrated solar energy plants

Wind power plants

Vintage Energy develops and operates wind power plants in areas to replace or supplement the existing power grid

co-generation plants

Vintage Energy builds and operates co-generation plants which enable economical and efficient electrical power generation


Vintage Energy develops and installs solar roof panel projects for large commercial and industrial applications


Vintage Energy (Pty) Ltd




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